Link Building Services : What does it mean by Link Building? The practise of establishing links between websites is known as link building. It is an essential component of the web marketing plan. Link building can be done in many ways, including social media, article marketing, and blog commenting.To put it simply, it entails acquiring “Backlinks,” or external websites connecting to certain pages on your website. It also requires building relationships with other website owners who will link to your content. This is a powerful SEO strategy to improve website’s visibility in search engines and these backlinks are more effective if they’re generated from a relevant website rather than an irrelevant one.

Page Rank

Link building is one of the most popular factor for Google rankings I.e. SERPs(search engine result pages). Google ranks the pages to determine its value since the early 1980s. It uses “page rank,” a method of calculating a page’s “worth” based on the calibre and volume of pages linking to it. The value of a page rank increases with Google traffic to that particular website.

Getting backlinks

Backlinks are critical when it comes to the rankings of competitive phrases. There are three ways for you to get yourself backlinks from relative sites.

  • Creating backlinks by yourself
  • Buying backlinks
  • Earning backlinks

Creating backlinks:

It entirely depends on your hard work because here you manually add links to your site on other websites. It is not very difficult but at the same time has low effectiveness because they require minimal effort and anyone can do it. One can create backlinks through adding links on

  • Directories
  • Blog comments
  • Social media profile

Buying backlinks:

It is exactly what it sounds like as here one pays other websites to put backlinks of your website’s page. Now it may sounds super effective and easy to achieve but it also has some shortcomings.

  • They are very expensive and roughly cost from 350 to 400 dollars
  • Buying backlinks are against google’s webmaster policy and can get you huge penalties
  • Your link may appear on unwanted or shady websites which can in losing ranking position or worse, getting your pages removed from the search engines.

Earning backlinks : Link Building Services

Although it is difficult, it is by far the most accepted method of obtaining backlinks. Typically, you invite other website editors or owners to connect to your pages by email. The value of the connection increases with difficulty of acquisition. Furthermore it should also be kept in mind that it is very time consuming and requires a lot of patience but at the same it is also the most profitable. But to earn links it is important that

  • Your content is extraordinary
  • Your page has a proper backstory, surrounding it
  • There should be continuous updates of relevant content

You can also earn backlinks by emailing other relative website owners about informing them of their broken links asking them to link to your website, called the SEO broken linked strategy .

Websites that provides backlinks

  • HARO is a Great Way to Get Valuable Backlinks.
  • GrowthHackers: Post Original Content.
  • Business 2 Community.
  • MyBlogU is a Top Backlinking Site for Bloggers.
  • Social-media website I.e. Twitter to Secure Relevant Backlinks.
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