Buying Backlinks : By far this is the most controversial methods to get backlinks that, to this day, is negotiated if either is worth the risk of losing your page or not. Even though google clearly dislikes selling or buying backlinks thousands of people spend millions of dollars in buying them. Not just in the black market but also in industry, a lot of people are skilled enough to sell and purchase backlinks without leaving any footprints behind. It has both pros and cons, hence it is completely up to you that if buying the links is worth the risk or not.

Methods to Buying Backlinks

A bunch of well renowned websites provide with backlinks that are helpful in achieving a high ranking in SERPs and reach the top. Buying them includes following:

  • Paying the vendor
  • Direct involvement with the website
  • Acquiring other domains


Paying the vendor:

It includes a middle man that you work with, who already has a list of prospect websites ready to sell backlinks. It has both pros and cons that may affect you or your websites. It has an advantage that saves you from all the hard work with an already built up system work and also save time. You are just provided with a bunch of options that you can pick from. But on the other hand, it also has a downside where you have to sacrifice profit to the middle man.  But it provides you with time to focus on producing quality content rather than worrying about finding the right website. Because they already have team assembled to work on these things.

Paying the website directly

It means you’re involved with the website directly where you do all the work from finding link prospects to negotiating terms with them. By paying the website directly for the link you’re performing outreach yourself. Though it is more profitable on per link basis you have to invest time in building the internal  system from scratch. And you can also higher a middle man latter after assembling the system to manage things for you.

Acquiring existing domains

Acquiring other domains with existing link profiles is the most profitable method of backlink purchase. You can invest both small amounts and big chunks based on the relevant website you want to put your work on.

Ways to Buying Backlinks

Before buying any link despite it being cheap you need to know if it’s secure or not because weak websites are most likely to get you penalty. But if it’s worth the risk you can buy link by following these steps.

  • Determine the budget
  • Examine the link gap
  • Look for opportunities
  • Examine competitors anchor text
  • Build your keyword/anchor text

No matter how securely you buy a link, there is always a risk of goggle penalties and getting your website removed from search engine when you buy links because it is clearly against google’s webmaster rules and regulations, therefore unless you’re completely sure do not engage in low quality link buying activities.

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